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The Best Wedding Reception Ever! Your Guide To Creating An Unforgettably Fun Celebration
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The Best Wedding Reception Ever!
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"As I write, I have already placed "The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!" on the shelf along side my other, valued, resource books. Peter Merry has written an incredible and informative "How To" book that every bride and groom should read before contracting any of their wedding vendors, particularly wedding entertainment. He takes you step by step through the process of putting together a wedding "team" that will focus on making your greatest wishes and dreams come true. Peter also describes in great detail a variety of twists on old and many new and creative ways for keeping your guests entertained throughout your event.

With so much money being spent on today's weddings, Peter Merry will help you realize the potential of your entertainment dollar before you invest in a DJ, a Band or even an iPod. You'll discover how to locate those vendors that are truly capable, effective and experienced at creating remarkable, memorable celebrations. Your confidence will climb as Peter's book also teaches you how to accomplish a level of "fun" and creativity at your reception that will make your guests want nothing more than to stay and celebrate with you. And, as he does throughout his book, Peter will take you by the hand and give you the tools for realizing your greatest expectations with a whole new brand of wedding entertainment.

As a wedding entertainer myself, I will often refer back to "The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!" and I will make sure that this valuable and important resource is given to each of my clients as they prepare for the most important day of their lives."

--Ron Ruth of Ron Ruth Weddings


"Well it's about time a book was written on weddings from an entertainment point of view! After reviewing Peter Merry's book, "The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!", I feel it's going to be a real hit with any bride that wants a fun and entertaining reception but doesn't know how to go about creating one.

The book is full of wonderful ideas, tips and suggestions ranging from simple ideas to complex ones that requires a skilled DJ/Entertainer or MC to pull off, which leads me to my next point. This book is not just for brides, but any DJ that wants to improve their skills, build their repertoire of fun ideas and create "The Best Wedding Reception...Ever".

It gets even better. Not only can I buy this book for myself, I can buy Peter's book in bulk and resell them at my office, a Bridal show, or even just give them to prospective brides. All in all, it's well written, easy to read and easily worth two times what the book costs."

--Alex Tamas of Alexander's Music Service


"Over the last couple months, I've had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Peter's book, as well as providing feedback.

It's written for brides, chock full of ideas and advice for planning a wedding. No, there's none of the 'designing a centerpiece' type of ideas like you'll find in a bridal magazine, but rather ideas for planning the entertainment at a wedding.

Any DJ that has ever heard rumors of the price Peter charges for his wedding entertainment, and has wondered how he gets it, needs to read his book. The rumors are true, and when you read the book, you'll understand why. Years of performing at weddings, providing the 'same old show' the way so many DJs will do, does not produce the quantity or quality of ideas presented in this book. It's obvious that Peter is constantly looking for creative new elements, as well as new ways of doing 'the same old thing'.

The book is called "The Best Wedding Reception...EVER" for a good reason. I wish I had it prior to my own wedding in 1998. Heck, I wish I had it before I got my first wedding booking in 1983."

--Dave Miller of DJ Teddy Bear


"I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed reading and learning from your book. I can't wait to be able to give it to my clients. Yes, I plan on giving it to ALL of my wedding clients for the rest of 2007.

One of the problems I have run into as I have learned new skills (like Mark and Rebecca's Love Story) that aren't the "norm" around here is how to express those ideas and my skills in doing them to my clients. What might work for one client may be unthinkable for another. Since many of these ideas are in your book, I can give it to my clients when they secure my services. They can read it and learn about the possibilities for their reception in the months leading up to their big day. Then, when we meet to do the planning, they already have an idea of what they would like me to do (and not do) and I can spend more time planning and perfecting and less time pitching ideas.

Thanks Peter you just saved me a ton of time and made me more valuable to my clients at the same time! You ROCK! Here's to performing The Best Wedding Reception Ever!"

--Greg Lowder of Affairs To Remember Entertainment


"In addition to teaching you how to keep your guests entertained and wanting to stay longer, this book offers a unique insight for finding those rare "gems" that have the talent and skills to create the vision you have for your reception. By describing key players, their roles, and agendas, Mr. Merry enables you to look behind the scenes at what will drive your reception to a heightened level of success.

From a polished Master of Ceremonies to a
Wedding Entertainment Director, this book shows that choosing the right entertainment isn't just about "music" anymore. Today's "DJ" should have the ability and knowledge to prevent common mishaps from occurring, speak clearly and eloquently, and create moments that highlight the celebration and happiness of their clients."

--Amy Hoekstra of Remarkable Receptions


5 out of 5 StarsA must have for every BRIDE

"I'm only 1/3 of the way through this book and I can already tell that this book will change EVERYTHING about how brides will plan their weddings to the way we view the timeline of a reception, to the quality of the entertainment brides choose, and other little nuances that can make a basic reception a UNIQUE reception, and in turn, making it the BEST WEDDING RECEPTION...EVER!

Peter is an amazing entertainer and director. He approaches weddings like a stage play, so that everything has it's place, and everything runs perfectly. It's what has granted him the success that he has, and why he can command top dollar for his services.

Buy this book today!"

--Brian Harris of Brian Harris Entertainment
... posted February 26th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsA must for all Brides and Grooms who want a Fun Reception

"This is one of the first books on weddings that does NOT talk about the flowers, the dresses, the food, etc. This book focuses on one thing and does it well; your entertainment at your reception.

Yes, I will admit that I work as a mobile DJ and entertain at weddings and am somewhat biased on the entertainment part of the reception. But as such, I have seen many Brides and Grooms who focus so much time an energy on the visual aspects of the reception (linens, colors, flowers) and not the entertainment so that they don't seem to have fun at their own reception. If you read this book and take from it what you want, then you will have a better chance of having fun at your reception."

--Robert Kusters of Silicon DJ
...posted February 28th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsWhat type of wedding reception do YOU want?

"If your wedding reception is a "photography event" or a "flower event" or a "food event", then this book won't be of any help to you.

But, if you truly want to ENTERTAIN your guests at a wedding and have the Best Wedding Reception EVER.....then you need to RUN, not walk, to your local book store (or order here at Amazon) NOW!!

Most brides and grooms say they want to have FUN at their reception, but can't really pull the trigger on what "fun" is. They know they have been to weddings that didn't really cut it in the entertainment department, but can't quite put into words how to make their own wedding better and more entertaining for their guests.

Enter Peter Merry's book.

This book is destined to be the "primer" on how to orchestrate a wedding reception geared toward entertainment. In your busy world where you are suddenly thrown into also planning a wedding, doing so blindly will only lead to "maddness". Peter's book will straighten it all out for you and give you a plethora of ideas to keep the tempo of the day up and have your guests saying it was the Best Wedding Reception they have Ever been to.

I loved the fact that it didn't re-hash the linens and flowers and aesthetics of planning a wedding like countless other books and magazines do. Truly, this is the Master Class on having fun at your wedding reception.

If you are planning on getting married or have a friend or relative who is, be a TRUE friend and get this book into their hands FAST. The memories you will create from the knowledge presented within the pages of this masterpiece will truly last a lifetime."

--Skip Kelly of SK Productions Entertainment
...posted March 4th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsWant a "Fun" and "Memorable" Wedding? Read this book!!!

"Peter Merry is a nationally known DJ and MC and he has culled his years of experience along with other great ideas from entertainers around the country to create this one of a kind book. If Brides want a wedding reception that will truly be memorable for its joy and celebration, then this book will help you plan that day. Get it and read it! You won't be sorry."

--Mike Walter of Elite Entertainment
...posted March 10th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsTBWR...E! The definitive book for brides looking to plan the perfect wedding

"Peter Merry writes with style and passion while guiding the reader through three major concepts of planning the perfect wedding, intertwining creative ideas throughout to personalize the day. Years of research and planning are compiled here in an easy to read format. The Best Wedding Reception...Ever delivers the reader to different wedding receptions to see ahead of time the impact decisions will have on this once-in-a-lifetime event. This book is a must read for anyone who desires to have The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!"

--Mitch Taylor of Taylored Entertainment
...posted March 14th, 2007 on


3 out of 5 StarsGood information for the bride.

"As an Entertainment Host (DJ), I was looking for something I could direct my clients to for some great information for their wedding. I knew that this book existed based on all of the hype about in the DJ community and I bought it to give it a look-see.

Mr. Merry has presented some very good ideas in this book and I would encourage you to purchase it as part of your bridal library.

The part that I do not agree with lies in Chapter seven and deals with full-time vs. part-time DJs and pricing. Mr. Merry fails to consider that there are some part-time DJs in our industry that remain part-time because they simply do not wish to enter the business on a full-time basis; I am one of these people and I do communicate with my clients very well and also give them excellent customer service.

In regard to pricing, the advice I will give you is to check out some web sites that can assist in determining the potential cost of a wedding in your area and build a budget based on that. Then, even though some DJs hate this, shop around. Lastly, interview at least three candidate companies and at most five. I put the limit on five because after that you tend to get into information overload.

As I said, the book is good when you take the section on pricing and part-time vs. full-time."

--Thomas Ohlendorf of Good Knight Entertainment
...posted April 9th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsThis is the perfect wedding day guide book for brides and grooms.

"Peter Merry has written the definitive guide book to planning the ultimate wedding day celebration for brides and grooms. In this book, Peter shows how to avoid having a "McWedding" (cookie cutter ceremony and reception). Peter's reference book will ensure that someones special event will actually be that... truly special! One doesn't need to follow every piece of advice to the letter... this book allows you to pick and choose which portion that you need for YOUR event. Fortunately, the information contained in this book is worth $100, so even if one only uses 1/4 of the advice given, you still get your $25 worth of usable information. I highly recommend "The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!" to any bride, groom or wedding planner who needs the most up-to-date knowledge about selecting the best Wedding Entertainment, planning the ultimate wedding Ceremony and having The Best Wedding Reception Ever."

--Matt Cohen of DJMC Mobile Disc Jockey
...posted April 16th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsThe best book on how to have a FUN wedding!

"Ok, so yes, he's my husband, but that does not stop me from recognizing a great book when I see one. I have many friends and family who have valued greatly from this book already. Many great details that should not be overlooked by any bride are covered, and you aren't going to find them in any other wedding book out there. My friends who have bought this book also realized the value of having great entertainment that would make their reception fun, unique, and memorable---it was the details that are shared on how to find and create your own fun ideas that mattered to them, not how much the entertainment cost. Kudos Peter Merry--you have done it again!"

--Lisa Merry, Wife of the Author
...posted April 17th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsFINALLY!!! A real guide for those seeking an incredible reception

"As a professional vendor who serves many brides, this is 'The Book' to have if you are getting married. This book is the ultimate guide for those who want to have a fun filled, exciting reception with your very own personal tastes mixed in. All too often, wedding professionals and publishers place too much emphasis on linens, decor etc...and often fail to remember that once the reception doors open up... the event is turned over to the entertainment. Unfortunately, if you have several entertainers all priced the same, the only gaurantee you will have is that they will all be different.

This book will help you cut through the clutter and save you time and money on your reception."

--Chuck Amstone, of Solid Gold Entertainment
...posted May 9th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsPlanning A Wedding? This book is a MUST read

"Wow! What a great book. Something really needed in the world of weddings. Advice on how to entertain your guests and keep them entertained. I love all of the suggestions in this book. Very well written, easy to understand and so helpful. Thank you Peter Merry for this wealth of information. I will tell everyone I know about the Best Wedding Reception...Ever!"

--Jeffrey Goodwin, of Music Connection
...posted May 22nd, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsHow to Be Realistic & Creative In Planning a Wedding

"As a full-time mobile DJ / MC, I feel that Peter Merry's book provides brides and grooms with a chance to focus their vision in terms of planning their wedding event. It is possible to be both realistic and creative and to spend wisely without cutting corners. However, planning and research are essential in order to create an outstanding, memorable experience for your friends and family on your wedding day.

Peter Merry's example weddings and lists of pros and cons provide brides and grooms with a number of realistic examples of how their planning might turn out given different choices you might make. His years of experience as a "Wedding Entertainment Director" allow him to address a variety of options, such as the daytime wedding vs. the evening wedding, scheduling a wedding at different times throughout the year, when and how to schedule photos, and what type of entertainment to hire.

With weddings costing tens of thousands of dollars and taking one to two years to plan, reading a few books and articles on how to invest your time and money only makes sense. I highly recommend 'The Best Wedding Reception Ever!' by Peter Merry as one of these pieces of research. It's certainly the kind of book that will get a bride and groom (and their family and friends) talking about their ideas for their wedding day."

--Brian Swatek, of DJ Bri Swatek
...posted September 5th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsNo more cookie cutter wedding!!!!!

"Not only that this book will give you many great ideas, it will help you navigate through the very confusing process of planning a wedding."

--Santiago Barbalace, of Embassy DJs
...posted May 22nd, 2007 on


"Hello Peter,

I bought your book about a month ago and I've read it and I'm very impressed.  Although I have 17 years of experience, I found it so valuable and I've been using some of the concepts in my marketing with perspective brides and they have been very beneficial.  I plan on making an order for 10 or more so I can give them as thank you gifts for couples who book with me.  You are the man!!

One part of me wants every DJ to read this, the other wants it to be my own little secret, at least in Wisconsin."

--Scott Thomas, of Sweet Sounds of Music
...submitted by E-Mail to the Author on September 19th, 2007


5 out of 5 StarsA must-read for anyone planning a wedding

"OK, if you DON'T want a fun wedding or you want a wedding that is just like every other one you've ever been to (aka, a McWedding), then don't read this book.

But if you DO want a fun wedding, one that reflects who you are, one that shows you in a positive light to your family and friends, then you MUST read this book BEFORE you start planning your wedding and setting the budget. Your choices will very likely change after your eyes have been opened by the book's content."

--Steven D. Rothkin, Retired Wedding DJ from Wappinger, NY
...posted November 12th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsThe Best Book On Weddings...Ever

"I have been in the wedding industry for over 13 years providing my clients with fun and unique ideas based on their personality and style of wedding they desire. Peter's book is the perfect addition to the tools I give my clients as we plan this once in a life time event. I purchase a copy of the book for each one of them, and ask them to write down the great ideas they have learned. I can not explain the energy that this book has given to my clients as they imagine integrating the ideas into their wedding day. If you would like to have a wedding reception that is unique and fun...this is the perfect addition to your wedding day planning."

--Michael Anderson, of Creative Memories Entertainment
...posted November 12th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsAfter you say "I Do", read this book before selecting your wedding date/location.

"Yes, it is very important to have a great MC, wonderful music, and a memorable, fun, unique wedding reception ... but what I found the most useful is the author's review on evaluating an optimum date, time of day, and appropriate venue to totally enhance the entire wedding day experience. There are so many factors to consider, that are often overlooked when setting a wedding date a year out. Who wants to think about what other events may be happening on the day of "my wedding"? Other events may have effect on traffic conditions, hotel room availability, venue/vendor selection, etc. Is the officiant only available at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm? How does that impact the start time of the reception? and what will guests do between ceremony and reception?

Mr. Merry provides pros/cons on day of week and time of wedding and provides advice on scouting for the perfect location. The location may be ideal, beautiful, within budget, but are there other venue constraints?This is a "must read" BEFORE your wedding date/time/location is set. Once these have been selected and set the stage, it is important to team up with a skilled, professional MC/DJ/entertainer to ensure your reception runs smoothly, and creates the memories that you have envisioned. Mr. Merry has many valuable, unique tips on this as well."

--Karin Gruber, of WildNights DJ, MC & Karaoke Services
...posted November 15th, 2007 on


5 out of 5 StarsGreat Planning Tool

"I have been a wedding entertainer for many years, and this book is by far the most comprehensive and well-written guide on wedding receptions. It contains a lot of great ideas for brides and grooms. It's also a fantastic training tool for DJs and other wedding professionals. I have seen and done lot of the ideas in the book, but there are a few new tricks I learned as well. If you want to have a really fun reception, read this book!"

--George Gibson, of Twilight Entertainment
...posted April 8th, 2008 on


5 out of 5 StarsA real guide for all brides!

"This book was written by a person who truly knows the real truth about the industry and hiring the right vendors to create a perfect wedding day. It will answer all of your questions and give you so many great ideas of how to have the Best Wedding Reception Ever!

As a professional Disc Jockey Entertainer for over 25 years I give this book to my clients so that they will be knowledgeable about all aspects of their big day and how to make it unique and memorable for them.

"The Best Wedding Reception Ever" is a MUST for any couple getting married who wants to have a fun, stress free and perfect day."

--Jeff Richards, of Party Time Productions
...posted April 21st, 2008 on

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